Info.json - Spec Description


info.json file in spec folder is used for defining page meta information and local options set-up. Use it for customizing global navigation or with your custom fields.

Used options

List of used options in info.json:

{ "title": "Info.json - Spec Description", "author": "Robert Haritonov", "tag": ["tags, for, search"], "info": "Spec description.", "role": "navigation", "template": ["custom" | "$(context)/template.ejs"], "specFile": "index.custom.hmtl", "thumbnailPath": "custom-thumbnail.png" "sourcejs": { "assets" :{} } }
  • title - the only mandatory parameter, defines spec title in navigation
  • author - used in global navigation
  • tag - tags are used for search, filtering through API and auto-generated navigation
  • info - spec description
  • role - set the page role ("navigation" or "spec"), used for setting different *.src.html files templates
  • thumbnailPath - custom relative path to spec page preview image

Feel free to add any custom meta information to info.json file for your needs as well. This info will be then available from Spec API, in middleware-plugins ( and for adding custom ESJ templating.


template field allows defining custom parent template for rendering the spec page. Available values:

  • tpl-name - *.ejs template in user/core/views folder
  • $(context)/tpl-name.ejs - path to template relative to current info.json location, other available placeholders - $(sourcejs), $(user)


specFile - allows to define custom spec files source, overriding options.rendering.specFiles configuration.


sourcejs - this field accepts a local configuration object for configuring spec level context options.

Read more about engine configuration capabilities in Engine Configuration doc.