Living Style Guide on Steroids
The most advanced tool for documenting, testing and managing UI components achieving productive team work


Source powered workflow allows developers to code new components directly in the Style Guide. Source combines Front-end building with documentation process, making it a powerful tool for productive development and teamwork.

  • Essential Technology Pack:
    NodeJS, PhantomJS, EJS;
    Flexible, unopinionated core
  • Convenient navigation through your components library
  • Feature loaded documentation pages for comfortable and
    effective team work
  • Interactive style guides
    for designers
    and rich plugin system

How it works

  • In SourceJS you keep only description of components with powerful navigation options. Treat SourceJS as companion app.
  • Work with familiar environment in .html, .src, .haml or other technologies and Source will do the rest with NodeJS APIs and client JavaScript enhancements.
  • Get feature loaded documentation pages and tools directly in your favorite browser for comfortable team work.
Learn more about Source at documentation section